Review of the CONS AS-1 Pro

Introducing the review of the The Converse CONS AS-1 Pro. Designed by professional skateboarder, Alexis Sablone, the CONS AS-1 Pro comes with a 90’s style aesthetic with unique details all over. Launched as part of Converse’s CONS line, which focuses on performance and durability for skateboarding, the AS-1 Pro has gained a ton of recognition among skaters and shoe enthusiasts due to Alexis’ mission to create a high tech skate shoe that has a high degree of versatility, performance, and cushion. It also makes the CONS AS-1 Pro a perfect casual shoe for work, the office, or every day wear.

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  • Size: Men’s 10.5 / Women’s 12
  • Color: white/fir/white
  • Materials: Leather upper, rubber sole – 30% Rubber, 70% Leather

How Do CONS AS-1 Pro fit

  • Flexible and comfortable rubber-backed leather
  • Fits with any type of pants – skinny, straight leg, boot
  • The tongue adds a little more support because its higher than the collar and stiffer towards the top
  • Roomy toe box
  • Sturdy and secure fitting
  • Comfortable insole
  • Initial fit is a little stiff
  • Long shoe laces
  • Narrow and tight along the sides
  • The tongue is oversized and can be uncomfortable if you don’t lace properly

How Do How do CONS AS-1 Pro look

The CONS AS-1 Pro materials
The interior profile of the CONS AS-1 Pro
CONS AS-1 Pro Interior
profile and exterior of the CONS AS-1 Pro
profile of the CONS AS-1 Pro

The Upper

Close up on the leather upper of the CONS AS-1 Pro
rubber-backed leather upper on the AS-1 Pro

The Converse logo and branding is highlighted with green leather thats also present on heel and collar with a fresh white “CONS”. The green darker leather on the heel and logo shows the difference in the leather texture from the upper body.

The darker stitching wraps around the back under the leather and continues on throughout the side and front of the shoe

The Upper on the CONS AS-1 Pro is leather. Decent quality for a shoe under $80 but its specifically called “rubber-backed leather”, built for durability.

Outside of the leather construct the finer details, like the stitching throughout the shoe, is unique. Darker stitching around the eyelets and toe box contrast with the white stitching along the siding and converse star logo.

A subtle AS-1 imprint can be found towards the front of the collar near the eyelets.

Leather collar and CONS heel logo on the CONS AS-1 Pro
leather along the collar of the AS-1 Pro
Perforated leather toe box on the CONS AS-1 Pro
darker stitching wraps around the toe box
Rubber raised ollie bumps on the CONS AS-1 Pro
rubber raised ollie bumps on the external

I’m not a skater so I wasn’t quite sure what these were but along the sides near the toe box are rubber raised ollie bumps.

On the exterior of the shoe they’re raised but internally they’re recessed. Its another small but unique detail that goes into the the AS-1 Pro. Without filling with the ollie bumps the shoe would be too white and wouldn’t have enough variance throughout.

The Laces

After unboxing the CONS AS-1 Pro, the first thing I noticed was the overload of shoe laces. The CONS AS-1 Pro comes out of box with four laces total. One laced in each shoe with another spare set through the top eyelet of each sneaker.

The extra set of laces does not include the “CONS” label on the end of the shoe lace (the aglet), which is a nice extra detail. Its subtle but when laced up the the extra text is a nice touch. The laces overall are very long.

Below is the “CONS” text on the original laces.

The CONS AS-1 Pro come with two sets of long white laces
two sets of laces come on each sneaker for the CONS AS-1 Pro
The CONS logo on the end of the lace of the CONS AS-1 Pro
“CONS” Converse text at the end of the lace

The Soles

The herringbone tread pattern on the outsole of the CONS AS-1 Pro
Herringbone tread pattern

The outsole on the AS-1 Pro is a Herringbone tread pattern, designed for better grip on the board and overall traction. But, if you plan to wear as a casual shoe these are built for solid traction no matter the surface. Great for the city.

Most of the engineering comes from the built in cupsole. The cupsole design makes the shoe a little heavier but more durable with great cushioning. For the $80 price tag, the AS-1 Pro is a very affordable cup sole sneaker.

On the midsole, Converse branding is slapped on the heal in white bolded font. Its subtle but its one of many small details that makes up the AS-1 Pro.

On the inside, these have a CX Foam sock-liner which is a single-density polyurethane. Built for impact and comfort. Some pretty cool white Converse branding against the dark green base.

Converse branding on the rubber midsole of the CONS AS-1 Pro
Converse branding on the midsole
CONS logo on the insole of the CONS AS-1 Pro
CX Foam Sockliner

The Tongue

Sablone branding and logo on the leather tongue patch on the CONS AS-1 Pro

The tongue is a half nylon/half PU material which is good for breathability and ventilation. A “Sablone” imprint is centered at the top on the synthetic portion of the tongue. The tongue adds a little more support because its higher than the collar and stiffer towards the top. The green PU outside layer, the imprinted globe behind the “Sablone”, the two material tongue, and the dark highlighted stitching are all very cool and unique details.

How CONS AS-1 Pro Look on feet

The CONS AS-1 Pro on feet worn with olive pants
The CONS AS-1 Pro on feet worn with olive pants
CONS AS-1 Pro on feet
The CONS AS-1 Pro on feet worn with straight fit pants

Why You Should Buy CONS AS-1 Pro

  • Great price. Usually cup-sole sneakers are a bit more expensive but these are at the $80 mark.
  • If you’re in the market for a throwback 90’s style sneaker
  • Need something thats durable and can take a beating throughout the day
  • Want a less common every day sneaker that ins’t a Dunk or a Jordan

Why You Shouldn’t Buy CONS AS-1 Pro

  • Tired of the skater profile look
  • Want a sneaker with plush leather

Final Suggestions

CONS AS-1 Pro for the Office: Highly Recommend. Perfect for walking around the office and can be styled with any pair of pants – jeans, khakis, skinny or straight fit, etc. Style the CONS AS-1 Pro with white or grey socks.

CONS AS-1 Pro for Casual Outing: Highly Recommend.

CONS AS-1 Pro for every day wear: Highly recommend. They’ll go great with sweats, shorts, athletic gear, etc. and built to run around and take a beating.

Where to buy CONS AS-1 Pro: Converse