The Adidas 3MC Originals: How do they hold up and look over time?

The Adidas 3MC Originals Regular Fit are the every day sneaker inspired by skateboard culture. Built to take a beating in the skatepark, the adidas 3MC can also double as a clean and basic fit for the office and any casual environment. But how do they last over time? We wore the Adidas 3MC Originals for a 7 month period through Summer, Fall, and winter. We did this to give you an idea of how durable the Adidas Originals 3MC are and what they could like after months of wear and tear.

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Adidas 3MC Originals Men’s

Color: Black/ftwr White/Gum,

Size: 10.5 M US

Purchase Date: July 18, 2022

Time Period: 7 months

How were the Adidas 3MC Originals worn?

  • With shorts, jeans, khakis, skinny and loose fit pants
  • With and without socks

When were the Adidas 3MC Originals worn:

  • In the office, walks to work, occasional night out
  • 0.5-3 mile walk range average
  • Worn throughout the city and parks
  • Carelessly put on on without unlacing the laces. Forced the heel and collar to bend
  • Worn 2-5 times a week for 7 months
  • Worn through summer, spring, and winter seasons
  • Worn during rain, snow, ice, salt, conditions

Anatomy: What Are The Adidas 3MC Originals Made Of

  • Lace closure
  • Geoflex outsole tread design
  • Grippy vulcanized outsole
  • Lightweight canvas upper
  • Leather logo heel
The materials of the worn Adidas 3MC Originals
The geoflex outsole tread design of the Adidas 3MC Originals
Adidas 3MC Originals geoflex outsole design

How do the Adidas 3MC Originals Hold Up Over Time?

So how long do the Adidas Originals 3MC last? Over the course of 7 months the Adidas Originals 3MC began to show serious wear and tear, mainly around the upper canvas area of the sneaker. They went through three seasons – summer, fall, and winter – and took a beating during each season. We wouldn’t recommend wearing as your primary sneaker after this period of time.

Are Adidas 3MC Originals good in the rain or snow?

Since canvas material can absorb water easily and quickly the Adidas 3MC Originals can become weighed down and heavy in snow or rainy weather. The canvas also doesn’t protect the foot all too well so if you’re walking in deep wet areas you’ll feel the moisture almost immediately.

How Adidas 3MC Originals look over time

The vulcanized outsole provides decent traction and durability. The material isn’t easy to break down even if you live in a Northeast city with heavy snow or rain. You’ll see below that the outsole has remained intact with no holes or breaks in the stitching where the canvas and vulcanized outsole meet.

The worn out canvas upper of the Adidas 3MC Originals
the canvas shows wear and tear first

You’ll see above that the canvas took the heaviest beating. Over time the black canvas becomes worn, faded, and creased.

The interior side view of the Adidas 3MC Originals after being worn for a year
the vulcanized outsole remains strong and intact
The interior profile of the Adidas 3MC Originals after being worn for a year
The profile of the Adidas 3MC Originals after being worn for a year
The canvas upper and tongue of the Adidas 3MC Originals
worn and faded canvas tongue

The leather heel with the classic Adidas logo holds up well, even though it creases easily. The heel is padded along the collar and is the only area where leather is placed on the shoe.

The adidas trefoil logo on the back of the Adidas 3MC Originals
Adidas 3MC Originals Leather heel with logo

Final Thoughts:

The Adidas 3MC Originals are built to be a flexible shoe for skateboarding. So naturally, that means that can be beat up and take on quite a bit of punishment. That turned out to be true after wearing for 7 months through three seasons in a Northeast climate. The outsole holds up well but the since canvas isn’t the most water repellent material, the shoe started to look old and worn rather quickly. We would highly recommend the Adidas 3MC Originals for purchase but keep in mind you won’t be able to wear them as your primary sneaker 6-7 months after purchase because of the faded and tired canvas look.

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